34. GormaniaListen now (99 min) | STL Cards talk about about Nolan Gorman, Tommy Edman, early season surprises and answers to many of your questions.
33. It's April, JakeListen now (73 min) | It may be too early to draw many conclusions, but we talk Adam Wainwright pitching forever, Albert Pujols exit velocity and more.
32. MiLB PreviewListen now (92 min) | It's Off Day After Dark as we dig into the Cardinals minor league prospects with Prospect Guru Kyle Reis.
31. Season Preview 2022Listen now (90 min) | It's a whole new baseball season and a whole new season of Cardinals Off-Day as we preview the 2022 Cardinals ahead of Opening…
Episode 30: Pujols ReturnsListen now (75 min) | The Great Albert Pujols has returned to the Cardinals to join Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright for one last score.
Episode 29: Labor Peace; Game OnListen now (76 min) | With a new CBA in place, we talk likely St. Louis Cardinals moves, Albert Pujols and more.
Episode 28: Merry ZiPSmasListen now (77 min) | Dan Szymborski joins us to discuss his ZiPS projections for the St. Louis Cardinals.
Episode 27: Locked OutListen now (70 min) | We talk about the moves the Cardinals made before owners locked the doors and speculate what they might do whenever things open up…
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