Episode 14: Anatomy of a trade rumor

We talk about how to read Cardinals Trade Rumors, what the team might do as the deadline approaches, and investigate what changed for Harrison Bader this season.


The MLB Trade Deadline is just six days away. The Cardinals have won 7 of their last 10 games… and still remain just as far behind Milwaukee as they were at the All-Star Break.

We talk about whether these last 10 days have changed the calculus for what the team might do at the deadline, then dive into how to read the many Trade Rumors that will float across Twitter and elsewhere in the coming days. (Short answer: Don’t trust Ken Ro5entha11.)

Then we do a little forensic investigation to determine what has caused Harrison Bader’s massive - massive - improvement in strikeout rate this season. Is it working with ex-hitting coach Bill Mueller? Having surgery to remove polyps on his nasal passages? Something else?

Ben Humphrey recommends David Laurila’s piece at Fangraphs about Nick Plummer’s return to prospect status.

We’ll be back in just a couple days. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to hear us discuss as we inch even-closer to the trade deadline.