Episode 15: The One Before the Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline is nearly upon us. We interpret Mo's recent comments and consider roster inflexibility. Then Ben quizzes Ben on Paul DeJong - and the numbers are surprising.


We kick things off by breaking down all of the St. Louis Cardinals moves at the trade deadline. Then after zero minutes and zero seconds, we move on to the rest of the episode.

Mo made some interesting comments in an interview with Jim Hayes Tuesday night. We interpret those comments and consider to what extent roster inflexibility is a problem for the team. That turns into a conversation about innovations this organization has lagged on and what they could take from clubs like the Rays and the Dodgers.

Ben Humphrey gives Ben Godar a quiz on Paul DeJong, and the numbers from the Cardinal shortstop are surprising.

For your off-day pleasure, Ben Humphrey recommends this article from Jason Stark on how teams decide whether to buy or sell. Ben Godar goes in another direction and offers some tips to make a great BLT.