Episode 16: Happ, Lester and wait until next year

The Cardinals did not do much at the Trade Deadline, but we talk about what they did, what they didn't do and what it might mean for next season.


The Trade Deadline came, and the St. Louis Cardinals acquired two of the best starting pitchers (of 2016). We discuss the moves for J.A. Happ and Jon Lester, as well as the moves the Cardinals did not but perhaps could have made.

The Box Score of Yore is back, and this time we look at a series of games… the five starts Fernando Valenzuela made as a Cardinal at the end of his career, after being brought to St. Louis in a trade to add innings to a beleaguered starting staff.

As for off day recommendations, Ben Humphrey suggests you check out the Sports Info Solutions Baseball Podcast (but only after you’ve listened to this podcast). Ben Godar recommends the Olympics highlight show hosted by Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg.