Episode 18: Inside the Field of Dreams game and answering your questions

Ben Godar shares details of his trip to the Field of Dreams game, then we answer a full slate of listener questions about the Cardinals plans for 2021 and beyond.


In the week since we last recorded, the Cardinals have gone 6-0 and find themselves flirting with Wild Card relevance once again.

Before we get to that, Ben Godar shares his experience at the Field of Dreams game, which he was lucky enough to attend. As both Bens are Iowa boys, we kick things off with the question of how humid and buggy it was around all that corn.

After that, we dive into a very full mailbag. Questions touch on everything from how the Cardinals may get back into the playoff hunt, what their September call-ups could be, and how they may sort out the middle infield situation heading into next year.

For Off-Day recommendations, Ben Humphrey calls back to the Field of Dreams game and recommends the article Black Sox: 'It ain't so, kid, it just ain't so'. Ben Godar suggests checking out the documentary Screwball, about the gonzo Florida-based PED scandal that netted A-Rod and Manny Ramirez. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.