Episode 20: All the teams are bad, even the good ones

We talk about the unimpressive teams the Cardinals need to climb past to reach the 2nd Wild Card, plus Shildt's bullpen changes, September call-ups and THAT Kolten Wong article.


The Cardinals may not have felt like a playoff team for most of this season, but after watching three games vs. the Reds, we agree that none of the teams battling it out for the 2nd Wild Card spot feel like “good” teams.

After considering the Cincinnati series, we touch briefly on the highly predictable and uninspiring September call-ups.

Then we dive into a little Bull Shildt segment, looking at the manager’s decision to remove Alex Reyes from the closer role and his promise that he will “play matchups” going forward. Ben Godar said he would eat a pack of 1989 Donruss if Shildt went longer than a week without naming a new closer. It does not look like and baseball cards are in danger of being eaten.

Lastly, we dive into the recent Athletic article about Kolten Wong, and all the ways he’s coming into his own in Milwaukee that he was never able to in St. Louis. For both of us, it dovetails with the image we have in our minds of a Cardinals coaching and player development staff that is stodgy and behind the times.

Ben Humphrey recommends the excellent baseball movie Sugar.

Ben Godar recommends Ben Lindbergh’s The MVP Machine, which covers the rise of a new generation of player development experts that are now taking on key positions with organizations like the Giants.