Oct 4, 2021 • 50M

Episode 23: Wild Card Preview

Let's look at the match-up between the Cardinals and Dodgers for the one-game Wild Card.

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The regular season ended Sunday. With a rain-soaked field, intermittent showers continuing, and neither team really giving much of a shit who won the game, the officials eventually came together and decided it was best to send everyone home. It was the right decision.

And so we look ahead to the Wild Card game, the coin-flip game, which the Cardinals will play on Wednesday against the Dodgers. Here on the off-day podcast, we don’t often have the chance to preview a single game, so we go all-in: The starting pitching match-up, the line-ups, the bullpens… how do the Cardinals and the Dodgers match-up?

We’re hoping for a Cardinals winner and a chance to see what this team can do in a full postseason series. But win or lose, we’ll be back after the Wild Card game. Go Cardinals.